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Social media marketingCommunications professionals are always looking to take home the big win when launching social media campaigns. Big wins are rarely a moment in time, but instead determined by daily practice and routine measurement.

Effective social media measurement involves three steps: outlining objectives, monitoring results and adjusting strategies. Keep the following tips in mind to ensure your social media delivers success.

What counts as success?

Should you be satisfied with a certain number of retweets? Or e-book downloads traced back to a LinkedIn post? Or does ROI matter most? Success criteria will vary for each campaign you conduct, but it’s crucial to determine your goals at the outset, so that you can accurately measure success.

Review the Results.

After setting objectives and goals, it’s important to monitor results. Focus on tactics that work and nix the ones that don’t. Hundreds of social media measurement apps and tools are out there, so find one that fits your company’s needs.

Adjust your strategy

If your social media strategy isn’t generating the outcomes you’d like, don’t be afraid to switch it up. Learn from your past mistakes, and alter your tactics to drive results.

There may not be a gold medal or cup at stake, but measuring outcomes is important. Set goals, employ a social media measurement tool(s), and make changes when necessary to successfully engage your audience and deliver results that matter.

How is your social media marketing doing?

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