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By Jean Comeau –
updateSome customers can sometimes be baffled by the term CMS (Content Management System) and how CMS can benefit their business while others vaguely know how it can help their business.

We will explain what CMS is, what the benefits of using it are and whether your business should use it or not.

But first, let’s see what Michelle Fulawka, creative director of givingArt had to say about her new website’s CMS:

“Thanks so much!!! You have no idea how impressed and grateful I am to you and your amazing skill and dedication to detail and timelines…. AMAZING!

Although I am not a technical person at all, you created a website that I can easily manage which keeps my business up-to-date and puts me in the drivers seat… both of which are very beneficial and empowering.”

So, what is CMS?

CMS is a system which allows users to edit, update and delete content of their website without any programming knowledge, such as HTML and CSS. It allows users to manage a range of different types of content and does not concentrate only on text content, but it also enables users to manage content such as images, video and more.

Its administration area is accessible through any modern browser, which means that all you need to update your website is Internet access and login details for the secure administration area of the website.

Benefits of using CMS

The greatest benefit of all is that you can quickly update your website without relying on a web design agency to manage the website for you. You don’t have to continuously pay money for somebody to keep your website updated, instead you have full autonomy of the website content yourself and using a CMS will reduce costs by eliminating outside technical work.

Some of the things you can do with CMS:

  • Manage images on a picture gallery
  • Manage pictures on your website
  • Manage content on your website
  • Manage news from your company
  • Manage different internal or external links

Should you have a static website or CMS – driven website?

Have you ever wondered whether your website should be static or CMS – driven? In order to answer this question you have to first ask yourself how often it will change. Weekly? Monthly? Yearly? Almost never?

If you think the content of your website is not going to change very often, then a static website might be good for you, but if you require to update your website a few times a year, then you should go for a CMS-driven website.

Have you got any questions regarding content management system and what we can do for you? Do not hesitate to contact us.

Article Credit: Sixth Story

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