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Every business gets its direction first, from its founder or its leadership generally and then the vision of the business, its values and objectives are passed down to its team or staff. Whether your business renders services or sells products, the same factors are in play in defining its niche.  Some of these include:

  • The brand perception: The image the business ecosystem out there, has of your business. As opposed the image the business thinks it has
  • The Quality of Services/Products being rendered: I mean, this is why the business exists in the first place, right? – To meet a need.
  • The People at The Helm of Affairs: Those who call the shots internally, those who can hire and fire, who make decisions that can lead it in the right direction. E.g. Your managers, your HR personnel etc.

All of these factors in play in determining what your business is, and what it’s not, are influenced by your team members. So, you want to ensure they are continuously in touch with the vision of your business.

I once had a friend who worked with a really nice company, let’s name it XYZ. I remember the day she received her letter of employment, she was super-excited, she photo bombed my cell phone with screenshots of her employment letter, and she couldn’t stop talking about it until her resumption day arrived.  I was really so happy for her, she deserved it.  I believed she was going to make a good team player. She was going to work as an Information Technology officer-that’s a position she had the skills for and had been dreaming of. Finally it arrived.

Fast forward 3 months into her resumption, I could hardly recognize her zest. It was gone! Literally, gone! All I could hear her say each time I asked how was her awesome job, was, “ Well, work is fine, it’s going okay, I feel there’s so much more I could give but I don’t know, it’s not just coming. Already, I knew what the reason for her lackadaisical attitude was. I knew she was good at what she does. So it was a typical case of work-momentum being lost and more importantly, I knew she needed some motivation by something, someone or a process that will keep her super excited about working with company XYZ.

It is definitely important to keep your team members excited about working on your team, here are 4 reasons why:

  1. Most of the time, they are first in contact with a potential client.
  2. They are either putting out the right or wrong image of your business out there as they work; in terms of being creative, being professional and yet personable.
  3. They are a determinant in the quality of deliverables being churned out, service rendered and how well they meet up with timelines for tasks carried out.
  4.  They are Idea generators or can at least be. Good Ideas are good for business. An idea implemented at the right can be a game-changer for your business.

It is the responsibility of each team lead, founder, and business owner as the case may be, to continuously search out ways to keep its team/staff motivated and excited about being a part of the firm. By so doing, they unconsciously bring the right attitude to work, further harness potentials that have been dormant, in turn, your business enjoys more efficiency and creativity. And these, are a must have for the growth of any business.

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