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Mobile Web Design

Do you need a mobile version for your website? (Article: 10 Reasons to get a Mobile Website)

There are many reasons to have a mobile website. One of the most important is customer retention – about 66 percent of those smartphone users surveyed said a good mobile site would make them more likely to make a purchase, while 74 percent said they would be more likely to return to that site.

Here is the difference between a non mobile-friendly version and a mobile-friendly version:

The main reason why your website should have a mobile-friendly version is because users find it very annoying to zoom in or zoom out when they are surfing on their phones or tablets.

A mobile version of a website doesn’t have to have all of the content of your regular website, but should feature your services or products right away.

Our rates for a mobile website are VERY competitive. You can get a mobile version for only a fraction of the cost of your regular website.