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The old adage may be cliché, but oh so true in the digital universe we live in. Even though some trends come and go, like a flipped up collar on a polo shirt, dated website design is not one of them. This is an area where old is not classic, but potentially detrimental to your online presence and your business.

On a daily basis I talk to people who “want to be on the first page of Google”. There’s way more to it than that. You can drive a million people to your website, but if it appears outdated, chances are the visitor will leave. People associate the look of a website with credibility. You run the risk of being perceived in a manner that may not be how your business actually exists. It’s one thing if you’re an established organization and you just need to update your website. It’s another situation when your business depends on converting traffic going to your website.

Either way, if a website is more than three years old, in some cases even fewer, it is probably time to consider an update, and most likely a new site.

Here are 3 reasons why a frequently updated website is important to your business.


1. A frequently updated website inspires trust.

Have you ever visited a site that was last updated a couple of years ago? Do you ever wonder if they are still in business? You wouldn’t let your retail space look uninhabited, and you shouldn’t let your virtual one either. Beautiful web design and a site that lists your current projects, news, photos, and events will inspire trust. It will inspire potential clients to trust you with their business, rather than your competition.


2. Frequent site updates help your SEO.

Everyone wants to rank first on Google, or at least make it to the first page of search results. Google rewards sites that are updated frequently by ranking them higher. Also, updating your site using your keywords (keywords are the most common words that people use to search on Google) can help you rank higher, too.


3. An updated site helps you make that sale.

Your website is there to get you business. You want potential clients to contact you. Your site is there to showcase your most recent work, your gorgeous portfolio, inspiring testimonials, awards, recent news, promotions, and to lead your site visitor to your contact page. An updated website can inspire trust, put you ahead of the competition, and help you make that sale.

Updating your website doesn’t have to be complicated or stressful. Whether you do it yourself or hire someone to do the updates for you, the important thing is that you do them.

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