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Rulebook-e1378065451147By Jean Comeau –

Like everything else, web design has unwritten rules when it comes to layout. Following these basic tenets helps to keep your customers on your website – exactly where you want them to be!

The first rule of thumb is – people tend to be comfortable with what they know. The best advice when it comes to web design is don’t try to be too original! Try not to confuse your customers by being too creative – for example, one of our customers wanted to have his menu on the right side of the page. It may have been an original idea, but unfortunately, it was not a very user friendly one.

Make it easy for people to find your contact information. People don’t want to have to search for things like your Facebook link, they like to have the information where it is supposed to be (hint: upper right hand corner of the webpage).

Let’s see those rules:

  • Login button
      If you have a login button, it should be at the top right corner of your web pages.
  • Social Media Buttons
      These buttons are usually found on the top right corner of your web pages.
  • Menu
      Most menus are either on the top or on the left side of the page. Avoid putting your menu on the bottom or to the right side of your pages. Being fancy doesn’t mean people will stay on your website. Keep in mind that simple is better!
  • Logo
      Most logos are on the top left corner of the pages.
  • Footer
      Footers usually include privacy policies, disclaimers and contact information.
  • Colors
      Colors must be in “sync” with your services or products. Don’t use too many colors, try to stick to 3-4 colors.
  • Consistency
      Your pages have to be consistent! Every page should look the same, don’t change the design on each page since your customers may get confused.
  • Layout
      Create a clear menu structure, and organize your page elements in an orderly fashion instead of randomly scattered. Avoid clutter!
  • Typography
    Use fonts that are easy to read and make sure the size is appropriate. Nobody likes to use a magnifying glass to read a web page or to be shouted at!



Please, don’t have music or video on “auto play”. Let the users decide if they want to listen to your music or watch your videos. People find it VERY annoying to have to watch or listen things they didn’t ask for!

Take a look at your competitor websites and see what they are doing. Which website do you feel more comfortable with? Which website is harder to navigate through?

People are creatures of habit, so don’t try to change theirs with your “original” web design! We hope these guidelines have been of benefit to you. If you need a more personalized approach, please contact us – we create web traffic!

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